Augustinus Bader

Developed by Professor Augustinus Bader a world-renowned expert in stem cell research, they introduce game-changing formulas in skincare, and haircare with their patented TFC8, to achieve healthy, radiant skin

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Augustinus Bader FAQs

Discover Augustinus Bader, a luxury skincare brand renowned for its scientific approach and premium formulations. Let's explore the brand's key features through three essential questions.

1. What is Augustinus Bader?

Augustinus Bader is a high-end skincare brand known for its innovative products crafted by stem cell biologist Professor Augustinus Bader. Their formulas aim to rejuvenate the skin using advanced science and premium ingredients.

2. How does Augustinus Bader skincare work?

Utilizing the patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8®), Augustinus Bader's skincare activates the skin's natural healing processes, promoting renewal and regeneration. This results in improved texture, tone, and reduced signs of aging.

3. Are Augustinus Bader products worth the price?

Despite their premium cost, many users attest to the transformative results of Augustinus Bader products. Backed by rigorous scientific research and high-quality ingredients, they offer a luxurious skincare experience with visible benefits.