About Wairua

About Wairua

In recent years, the trend towards clean beauty has grown exponentially, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using products that are not only effective but also safe for the environment and their health. With this in mind, Wairua has emerged, we offer clean & luxury beauty, providing customers with products that are both effective, sustainable & enjoyable. 

Effective Formulas:

One of the key values of this company is its commitment to curating skincare brands that have effective formulas. This means that the brands prioritize the use of top-quality actives, in the right concentration for having an actual effect on the skin. Moreover, fillers or ingredients that are not actives should also be good quality and not cheaper ones such as petroleum-based.


Avoiding Harmful Ingredients:

The company also places a high value on avoiding certain ingredients that can be harmful to the skin and/or the environment. Mineral oil, PEGs, Aluminum, parabens, Talc and synthetic fragrance are just a few examples of the ingredients that are not included in the products offered by us.

At the same time our goal is to empower our consumers by providing them with the necessary tools to establish their own standards and alleviate their concerns about chemicals, as opposed to the media sensationalizing the issue.  Not all chemicals and synthetic are bad, as not all naturals are good. 


Higher Costs and Sustainable Packaging:

Using high-quality ingredients and avoiding harmful ones comes at a cost, and as a result, the prices of the products offered by the company are higher than those of traditional beauty retailers. However, the higher prices are justified as the products are of high quality and represent luxury, with great packaging and a great customer experience.

In addition to using high-quality ingredients, the companies are committed to sustainability and take steps to ensure that their products and packaging have a minimal impact on the environment. Sustainable packaging is used wherever possible, and the company strives to minimize waste in all areas of its operations.


In store services:

In our Miami Beach store,  we will have trained professionals to help you analyze your skin type, your daily routine & your habits to recommend what best suits you and accompany you in this journey. You can book a personalized consultation in store, so you can have someone only for you to help.

We will also be offering facials and Face massage sessions. Even though we have different facials with different techniques, every treatment will be tailored to your skin’s needs & goals .


Hope to see you soon!