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Pleine Lune - Eau De Parfum

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White flowers and green tea

If you like defiant looks that are also invitations, Pleine Lune is for you. Tuberose, a wild and sensual flower, is accompanied here by matcha tea and an innocent bergamot. Velvety and seductive, Pleine Lune was created to fascinate.

Made in France by perfumers Anne Flipo and Paul Guerlain.

Natural ingredients (95%):

Benjoin - styrax benzoin gum
Bergamot - citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil
Cèdre du Texas - juniperus mexicana oil
Céleri graines - apium graveolens seed oil
Fève tonka - dipteryx odorata bean extract
Fleur d'oranger absolue - citrus aurantium amara flower extract
Jasmin Grandiflorum - jasminum grandiflorum flower extract
Maté absolue - ilex paraguariensis leaf extract
Néroli - citrus aurantium flower oil
Poivre rose - schinus terebinthifolia seed extract
Santal - santalum album oil
Tubéreuse absolue - polianthes tuberosa flower extract
Organic wheat alcohol

Synthetic ingredients (5%):

Amyl Salicylate (chamomile, hay)
Auralva (orange blossom)
Benzyl acetate (jasmine)
Coumarin (tonka bean)
Damascenone (rose )
Ethyl linalool (rosewood, lemon)
Ethyl maltol (brown sugar, caramel)
Ethylene brassylate (musk )
Gamma-nonalactone (coconut)
Geraniol (geranium)
Hédione (fresh jasmine)
Heliotropine (heliotrope )
Heptenal/cis-4 (green tea, herb)
Hexenol/cis-3 (green tea)
Hexenyl/cis-3, Salicylate (green apple, pear)
Hexyl cinnamal (green floral )
Hydroxy/5-7-decenoic acid delta lactone (jasmine, apricot)
Hydroxycitronellal (citronella, geranium)
Ionone alpha (iris, violet)
Ionone beta (iris, violet)
Ionone beta trans (iris, violet)
Isoeugenyl acetate (carnation, cloves)
Linalool (lily of the valley, lemon)
Methyl non-2-ynoate (fruit, melon)
Methyl oct-2-ynoate (violet, melon)
Phenethyl alcohol (rose)

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